Elevator Night

Elevator Night is an experience bringing together some of the most successful and affluent individuals around the globe for a half day, full night opportunity to invest in a selection of hand-picked and committee reviewed companies.

  • Dan Fleyshman
    Dan Fleyshman

    Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. At the age of 23, after selling $15M of clothing in six department store chains and surpassing expectations with his $9.5M licensing deal with STARTER apparel, Dan launched the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink into 55,000 retail stores and military bases.

    Ten years after starting his licensing company in high school, Dan went on to launch Victory Poker in 2010, building the third largest team of professional players out of the 550 poker sites on the market. This generated 5M views on YouTube alone (http://youtu.be/r1JbzWEOxPM.)

    Dan has acted as an angel investor/consultant for 14 companies ranging from the Invisible Text mobile app (goinvis.com) to the well-received 321juice.com available in Whole Foods. Three companies along the way garnered his attention enough to help scale them on a more hands-on consulting basis. Dan also acted as Director of Gaming for engagebdr.com, the #1 online advertising network in the world. As Director of Sales for mopro.com, he hired and trained 40 reps and had $5.4M in sales within five months. Ellis Island, one of the highest net profit casino operations, brought him on as CEO of Interactive to build the entire concept from scratch by using his vast relationships and gaming experience. Along the way, he supported more than 24 charities before finally launching his own modelcitizenfund.org, a company that creates backpacks filled with over 150 emergency supply items for the homeless. It has been the official charity of the World Series of Poker Europe for the past few years and has been featured on Fox Sports and ESPN. His company supports homeless shelters in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas as well as orphanages in Tiajana and Peru.

    Dan is an avid poker player with multiple 1st place wins ranging from the $5K CEO Poker Championship at the Palms, the Canadian Poker Tour Main Event, the $25K high roller event at the Commerce Casino and winning the $10K Chipleader Challenge at the Hard Rock. In May 2014, he founded celebvidy.com, a site that allows fans to purchase video greetings and ask questions directly from celebrities, athletes, fitness experts and business leaders at an affordable price. Dan has built an amazing advisory board for this company and has signed on hundreds of influencers to connect with their fans safely and directly while earning revenue by monetizing their fan base.

  • Austin Hurst
    Austin Hurst

    Austin Hurst is a serial entrepreneur and web consultant. Austin got his start before he was a teenager selling products on eBay. Through his teens, he co-founded several successful businesses in the web design, marketing and web hosting arenas. In 2005, he co-created 1Dawg.com, an online video platform which once ranked 5th amongst “YouTube like” sites. 1Dawg.com was the first ever web service to convert video on the fly and was the first user-generated video website to send video directly to mobile phones. The site supported over six million unique users in its first four months online, making it one of the fastest growing websites of all time. In a 2007 Forbes article, 1Dawg was mentioned next to YouTube, Dailymotion and Veoh. After proving scalability, 1Dawg successfully licensed the video technology via a white-label “Software as a Service” model. After 1Dawg, Austin angel invested in several companies and provided consulting services to start-ups through 2012. Austin is a managing partner at Hurst Capital LLLP where he has a portfolio of assets under management. The firm came shy of securing the stalking horse bid to buy iconic Hostess Brands, Inc out of bankruptcy in Jan 2013. Today, Austin has a day to day active management role in Celebvidy.com and is passionate about helping fans connect with those who influence them.

  • Zach Hurst
    Zach Hurst

    Zach Hurst, Austin’s twin, is also a life-long entrepreneur and technology consultant. Through his early teens, Zach worked alongside Austin in the web design, marketing and web hosting space. In 2005, when Zach was a freshman at Kansas University, he conceptualized the idea for the 1Dawg.com service, wrote a business plan and raised outside capital for his first time. Countless ventures later, Zach and Austin formed Hurst Capital, LLLP where, as a co-managing partner, Zach has enjoyed dabbling in everything from angel investments to bankruptcy, restructuring and turn-around efforts. Much like his brother Austin, Zach has been featured in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Presently, Zach’s main focus is on Celebvidy.

  • Branden Hampton
    Branden Hampton

    Branden Hampton is the largest independent social media publisher, with over 26M real, engaged followers across a variety of niche-industries on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He is a content, engagement, and branding master who teaches individuals and brands how to maximize their online presence and develop a strong and engaged digital footprint. Forbes rated his Twitter profile @notebook the number 1 most influential profile on Twitter. With some of the world’s most influential pieces of digital real estate in his possession, Branden is the guy to get you noticed.

  • Marvin Epstein
    Marvin Epstein

    Marvin Epstein is an accomplished serial entrepreneur. He is a director level business strategist and principal investor who creates investment opportunities through his significant business relationships and his ability to create previously undiscovered cross marketing business opportunities. He enjoyed years of success in finance with his expertise marketing to private investors thus creating I.A.T. Capital, a private enterprise. His focus is working with fellow entrepreneurs and executives in a variety of business investments including sports, entertainment, new media technology and hospitality including ownership in Kitchen 24 in Los Angeles. Marvin later became a principal and partner of Karma International, a private membership organization that provides a sensational social community for entrepreneurs and executives that want to make a difference. They have raised awareness and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of deserving organizations. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Marvin ran a video display production company, producing events, marketing campaigns and sponsorship development programs for clients including MTV, World Cup Soccer, The Olympics, and Coca-Cola. Partnering with NASCAR and Speedway Motor sports Inc he created the first closed circuit outdoor television network. Marvin graduated with a degree in business administration from Long Beach State University where he continued to impact college students on the board of Young Professionals Global Network, a company that produced business academy seminars for students nationwide, to connect with entrepreneurs and executives from the Fortune 500. As a board member of several charities and an experienced public speaker, his goal is to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and future leaders about effective business strategies that will benefit charities while improving the lives of others. His passion is to positively impact the world and lay the groundwork for a better overall environment.